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What is APC?

Created in March 2018, the Peruvian Compliance Association (APC, in Spanish) is an independent and non-profit organization that seeks to enhance compliance in both private and public, national and foreign entities (companies and non-profit organizations). We aim to develop and share scientific knowledge on regulatory compliance considering corporate, legal and audit perspectives.

Member benefits

Get involved

APC Members receive information and invitations to various distance and on-site academic courses, which will be either free of charge or with a special discount.

Continuous learning

Get unlimited access to academic resources developed and promoted by APC.

Automatic subscription

Members have free access to the monthly Compliance News publications.

Browse legislation

We provide access to national and international legislation in matter of compliance.

Search jurisprudence

Members are welcome to explore our jurisprudence search engine in matter of economic criminal law and compliance at a national and international level.


Get access to all advantages from agreements we have signed with other compliance associations.



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